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Rachel McAdams

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WELCOME to the first community on LJ for Rachel McAdams!
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Quick Facts About Rachel:
Full name: Rachel McAdams
Parents: Lance, a truck driver, and Sandy, a nurse.
Siblings: younger sister Kayleen, and a brother named Daniel.
First Role: April O'Neal in a school play of the Teenage Ninja Turtles.
Breakthrough Role: as Jessica in the comedy The Hot Chick with Rob Schneider.
Other quick facts: Was born in London, Ontario, Canada.
Newest Films: The Wedding Crashers ( 2005), Red Eye ( 2006), The Family Stone

1. Everyone is welcome to be here, so please no negative comments towards anyone.
2. Icons and avatars are aloud, feel free to share or ask for any that have to do with Rachel or her movies.
3. You may NOT advertise for any communities.
4. Have fun! This place is for all of you Rachel fans, talk, suggest, comment, we don't care as long as it has to do with Rachel.
5. Feel free to recruit new members, we went to keep this community growing and we want Rachel to become more and more known.


Moderator and creater: somekindofdream

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